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Side dish twist: Jewelled Quinoa Stuffing with Pistachio and Orange


Here at Sadie’s HQ, we’re all about eating well while still enjoying our favourite foods. A swapping of ingredients should never compromise on taste – and this delicious stuffing dish is all the proof you need. Quinoa makes a healthy alternative to traditional stuffing, and with the addition of pomegranate, pistachio and zesty orange it […]

It’s all gravy… Bone broth gravy that is!

Bone broth gravy

Even when summer rears its head, most of us won’t shy away from a tasty roast dinner at least once a week. And such a meal is incomplete without rivers of rich, glorious gravy to finish. Our version, of course, contains our multi-award winning bone broth as a base which makes it extra flavoursome! Enjoy! […]

Sunday dinner side dish: Bone Marrow Mash

It hasn’t felt like the month of May this week. But with the gloom of a rainy day, comes a ray of sunshine: Sunday dinner. Why not add this creamy bone marrow mash as a tasty side dish? Unlike the weather, it will leave you all warm inside! Enjoy! x  What you need: 6 centre-cut […]

Out-of-this-world spicy Prawn Ramen

Here at Sadie’s HQ, we’re happily obsessed with ramen. This prawn variation is probably the best one we’ve done so far. Who wouldn’t enjoy a warming bowl of aromatic flavoured broth with juicy prawns, vegetables and noodles? Try it for dinner this week – you won’t be disappointed. Enjoy x   What you need: 300g […]

Seriously good Chicken & Chorizo Stew

Spring may be here but that doesn’t mean we need forgo a warm and tasty stew at the end of a long day. This tasty variation packed with chunky chorizo gives this dish a kick and paired with bone broth and chicken, well, it’s a match made in heaven. Enjoy x   What you need:  […]

Sadie’s Kitchen Restorative Beef Pho

Beef pho

Delicious beef pho is my go-to bowl of nourishment and immediate restoration, be it a cold or a hangover; this Vietnamese staple is a constant at my table! Our quick recipe is so tasty  – an instant hit of comfort and goodness. Enjoy x   What you need:  3 packs (350ml) of Sadie’s Kitchen Chicken Bone […]

Heavenly Moroccan Turkey meatballs with lemony couscous

There’s nothing quite like having a delicious evening meal after a long day at the office. And what could be more divine than meatballs in a tasty tomato sauce (made using our award-winning bone broth) served with a zingy couscous? For this week’s recipe, we’re trying this beautiful dish, made by the hugely talented food […]

Hearty Roast Carrot & Fennel Soup

On the days you feel under the weather – the changing seasons tend to have that affect – your tummy loves nothing more than a truly tasty, heartwarming bowl of soup. We are partial to this tried-and-tested roast carrot and fennel flavour that contains three sachets of our delicious bone broth – and is so […]

Oh-so-tasty Butternut Squash Risotto with Crispy Sage

We’re fans of broth-based soups galore here at Sadie’s HQ, but as we get into a new season, it can be nice to return to dinner options with a little more bite to them. This tasty butternut risotto is an ideal way to start. The squash gives the dish a natural sweetness to mesh with […]

Deliciously Simple Chicken Noodle Broth

Spring is around the corner with sunshine in the air. If you’re feeling as we are, you’re still craving some lighter supper options during the week; opting to leave the heavier meals for the weekend. Our delicious Chicken Noodle Broth contains three sachets of our Bone Broth, along with noodles, chicken and vegetables – even […]