Isn’t bone broth just a fancy word for stock?
While they might seem similar, there really is a difference between bone broth and stock! A well-made bone broth is left to slowly simmer for hours, using specific ingredients to break down and extract all of the goodness from the bones. What you are left with at the end is much thicker than a typical stock, thanks to all of that delicious gelatin. Meaning you get all of the flavour and all of the goodness.

Can I drink it?
Absolutely! Drinking it is our favourite way to have it. Try replacing your morning coffee for an energetic kick start to the day. Or grab a cup on a busy afternoon to keep you going until lunch. We also love nothing more than a warm cup of comforting and restorative broth at the end of a long day.

What about cooking?
Bone broth can be used as a flavoursome replacement for stock. Use it in soups, stews, stir-frys and risottos. It also works great when cooking grains and pulses and provides a great base for homemade gravy and sauces.

How much bone broth is too much bone broth?
The simple answer is that you can consume as much as you like! We think a cup a day is a great place to start. Or you can start by adding it into your cooking.

I have a medical ailment. Will bone broth help to relieve the symptoms?
Some of our customers find it beneficial to add our bone broth to their diet but when it comes to your health we always recommend seeking and following the advice of your medical practitioner.

Bone broth for sports’ recovery?
Lots of athletes swear by bone broth for joint and ligament care. Bone broth is rich in collagen and gelatin, both of which can support overall joint care and aid in recovery. Even Lakers’ sports star Kobe Bryant swears by it, stating: “It’s great – it’s good for energy, inflammation. It’s great.” (read more here)

Bone broth for skin care?
Absolutely! Bone broth is rich in collagen, which comes from the gelatin. Collagen can not only brighten your skin and reduce wrinkles, but it also works to strengthen your nails and make your hair super glossy. Hollywood superstar, Salma Hayek reckons bone broth has helped her to avoid Botox, telling, “It’s full of gelatin and has bone marrow and I think it is very good to keep yourself young. It helps to restructure the tissues for your skin, your hair and your nails. It’s full of collagen.” It even has the Kardashian seal of approval, with Kourtney Kardashian adding it to her daily diet.

Where do you source your chicken and beef?
We source only the finest free range chicken from Irish farms. Our chickens have access to green pastures and natural feed, free from enhancements, to ensure the best quality for a delicious tasting broth.

Likewise, our beef is 100% Irish, grass-fed and  fully traceable. 

How do I store bone broth?
Always keep our bone broth chilled in the fridge between 0-4°C. Once opened, use within 2 days. Should you want to stock up, you can freeze our bone broth for up to 3 months. For Use By, see pack.

Where can I buy Sadie’s Kitchen Bone Broth?
We are stocked in over 300 stores nationwide. Head over to our stockist page to find your nearest store.