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Meet Shilpa Kiran: A day in the life of a food stylist and photographer

This week, we’re talking to the hugely talented food stylist, photographer and award-winning blogger Shilpa Kiran (you may know her from, who we are lucky enough to collaborate with here at Sadie’s Kitchen. We featured some of her beautiful work in our recent One Pot Chicken and Bacon Orzo Soup recipe too! Here, she […]

9 expert tips to sure our (often temperamental) hormones stay nicely balanced

The lovely Lisa from Nourish For Life is back once again, bringing us her top lifestyle and diet tips for promoting female hormonal balance! Enjoy x Increase your intake of Cruciferous Vegetables – Add plenty of broccoli and cauliflower into your diet to support oestrogen balance and flood the body with high levels of B […]

Top tips on how to treat colds and flu ‘the natural way’

Cold and flu season is well and truly here. Most of us don’t like piling our bodies with tablets when we’re smothering; it often merely masks symptoms. As well as building up your immunity throughout the season, there are other things you can do. We have compiled a few natural tips for fighting infections; simple […]

5 Tips To Help Strengthen Your Immune System During Winter

Winter is upon us. That means we’re going to be feeling the strain as our bodies adapt to the changing season. It’s important to keep a strong and balanced immune system to avoid infections, so we can feel like the best versions of ourselves. Here, we have five top tips to follow to (hopefully!) stop […]

Working A Night Shift? Here’s How To Stay Healthy

Shift work can take its toll on your physical and mental health if you let it. Medical Doctor and health and wellness blogger, Dr. Ciara Kelly shares her top 5 tips on beating your body clock. Enjoy x Eat To Fuel and Feel Your Best ‘What do I eat on a night shift?’ is probably the most […]

Part Two: My Road to Better Gut Health by Ciara Hickey

Woman's feet walking down the middle of the road

The very lovely Ciara from @LegallyFit_ has just completed her six weeks ‘Eat Yourself Happy’ course, in conjunction with ourselves,  WellFest and The Happy Gut Clinic. Completing a six-week course, with a focus on gut health, along with unlimited Sadie’s Kitchen Comforting Chicken Bone Broth, Ciara told us she “feels on top of the world!” But don’t take our word […]

Taste Of Dublin

We are so excited to have been chosen by Neff, as a producer for their Ingredient Campaign. Partnering up with a brand that we admire and have used at home for years is a real dream come true for us.  Last month Sadie shared her story on the Neff main stage at Taste of Dublin, talking all things […]