Here at Sadie’s HQ, we know that our bone broth is a multi-purpose staple that you can use for all manner of cooking. But we know some might still wonder what exactly you can cook our broth with. Below, we go briefly through the lot, so you can plan those broth-based meals long in advance.

Enjoy x 


Essentially, bone broth can be used to enhance any dish as it’s so flavoursome (and Sadie’s has more than one flavour for you to choose from). It gives depth to any stew and soup base, and is also an alternative to any grain which needs to be cooked in water, from rice to bulgur wheat or even lentils.

So, instead of cooking your rice or other types of grains like quinoa, farro or couscous in water, cook it in bone broth for a nutrient and taste boost. Simply swap the amount of water you’d normally use for bone broth.

Noodle Bowls 

Fan of ramen? Us too. Why not cook ramen noodles – or regular noodles – in bone broth instead of water? If you’re preparing ramen, some steamed veggies and a poached egg (made the night before) will make a perfect work lunch.


Soups get a flavour upgrade when used as a base. Why not try any of ours, over on our recipe page, if you need a new go-to supper idea?

Meat Dishes

Use bone broth to enhance any meat dish from chicken, steak and slow-cooked pork. The broth also makes gravy taste out-of-this-world delicious.

Instead of Stock 

Bone broth is different from standard stock; similar but not quite the same. A well-made bone broth is left to slowly simmer for hours, using specific ingredients to break down and extract all of the goodness from the bones. What you are left with at the end is much thicker than a typical stock, thanks to all of that delicious gelatin.

As a Drink

Many like to enjoy bone broth like a hot cup of tea. Pour it into a thermos and take it on your commute. Perfect during those chilly mornings or a comforting pick-me-up at the end of the day. Bone broth is also great as a light dipping sauce or while used in a salad.

Don’t Forget to Freeze

Why not buy in bulk, freeze and use it whenever you fancy? Pour bone broth into ice cube trays and freeze. You’ll have individually portioned broth at the ready.