When it comes to Christmas dinner, you might have a few fussy eaters in the house. They may not want turkey or even chicken, but do enjoy red meat. Beef is a classic ingredient for a reason; you can use it so many different ways. With this in mind, we’ve chosen a menu with beef lovers in mind – and all perfect accompaniments for our newest Boosting Beef Bone Broth of course! Prepare, tuck in… and relax.

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Indulgently Creamy Mushroom Soup

When you’re planning a festive feast where beef is the star of the show, nothing makes a more perfect starter than our indulgently creamy mushroom soup.

See the recipe HERE 

Main Course:

Alternative Christmas Main: Scrumptious Beef Bourguignon

A big pot of this way goes a long way when served with creamy mash potatoes for dinner, or delicious crusty bread at lunchtime. Perfect for a festive gathering, or just for a change from the traditional turkey and ham.

See the recipe HERE


Side Dishes:

A Perfect Festive Side Dish: Bone Marrow Mash

This creamy bone marrow mash is the yin to your Christmas dinner’s yang. Too good to refuse, you’ll even want seconds (and probably thirds, too).

See the recipe HERE

Another Festive Side Dish (With A Twist): Jewelled Quinoa Stuffing with Pistachio and Orange

Not a fan of traditional stuffing? Fret not, this Quinoa makes a healthy alternative to the traditional choice and with the addition of pistachio and orange, it’s too delicious to resist.


See the recipe HERE

Finishing Festive Touches: Divine Christmas Day Gravy

Our delicious gravy with some of our Comforting Chicken Bone Broth is so good, you’d almost have it without the rest of the festive fare (almost!).


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