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Stuffed Peppers or Punjena Paprika

These stuffed peppers are packed to the brim with flavorful and healthy fillings, so it’s easy to see why they rank as a winner. Enjoy x What you need: Paprika – 4 large, fresh (sweet Bianca / Babura) Free Range Minced meat – 500 g mixed (pork/beef) Whole Grain Rice – 1 tablespoon Free Range […]

Carbonnade Flamande

Carbonnade Flamande is a flavoursome Belgian, sweet-sour beef stew, made with beer and it’s often accompanied by french fries. You can easily find this delicious meal in restaurants in Belgium. This recipe will win you over in one bite! Enjoy x What you need: 1.5 Kg stewing beef, cut into 4cm cubes 400ml Trappist ale such as Leffe or Chimay 350ml Sadie’s Kitchen Chicken Bone Broth garlic cloves, lightly crushed […]

Russian Summer Salad

Olivier salad, also known as Russian Salad, was originally created at the Hermitage restaurant in Moscow in the 1860’s. In honour of Russia and Spain playing today, we thought we would share this deliciously light Russian salad. Enjoy x What you need: 3 large potatoes 3 medium sized carrots, peeled 1 can of peas/frozen peas […]

Caldo Verde!

With Portugal and Uruguay kicking off tonight we thought we’d share a Portuguese national favourite. Portuguese Kale and Chourico Soup is the ultimate comfort food because of its warm flavours and textures. Originated in Northern Portugal, Caldo Verde as it’s known as or (Green Broth in English) is a Portuguese soup made with potatoes, collard […]

Moreish German Goulash!

Goulash in a cast iron pan, shot from overhead.

It wouldn’t be much of a World Cup Kitchen without an appearance from champions Germany, where we’re rustling up a captivating goulash. From its origins in Hungary, it spread across eastern and central Europe over thousands of years, where there are dozens of local varieties. One common ingredient, including in this German take on the […]