Olivier salad, also known as Russian Salad, was originally created at the Hermitage restaurant in Moscow in the 1860’s. In honour of Russia and Spain playing today, we thought we would share this deliciously light Russian salad.

Enjoy x

What you need:

3 large potatoes

3 medium sized carrots, peeled

1 can of peas/frozen peas

4 hard boiled eggs

6 small dill pickles

6-8 tbsp mayonnaise

½  pack of Sadie’s Comforting Chicken Bone Broth

1 chicken fillet diced/ 3 thin slices of diced smoked ham (optional)

Finely chopped dill, to garnish

How to make:

  1. Begin by peeling the carrots and leaving the potato skins on, boil the potatoes for 30 minutes to start with, and then add the peeled carrots. Continue boiling for 10-15 more minutes, or until the potatoes and carrots are firm but tender when poked.
  2. Steam cook your peas and when done set them aside to cool.
  3. When the potatoes and carrots are cooked, allow them to cool until you can handle them easily. Peel the potatoes and start to dice them into ½-inch cube shapes and put them into a medium-sized serving bowl. Next, dice your carrots. Keeping them nice and chunky.
  4. Toss the carrots and a cup of steamed peas into the bowl with the potatoes.
  5. Begin to hard boil your eggs. When the eggs are done begin to peel and dice them.
  6. Pan fry the chicken fillet, adding in half a pack of Sadie’s Kitchen Comforting Chicken Bone Broth, stirring the chicken until thoroughly cooked and then dice up into chunks. Save the remaining juice of the broth from the pan.
  7. Chop the dill pickles finely.
  8. Add the ham if using and mix everything together into the medium-sized serving bowl before adding the mayonnaise. Add in more mayonnaise until it starts to bind together. Pour in the remaining broth from the pan and mix in.

To allow the flavours to come together we recommend making it the day before serving and covering it while allowing it to chill in the fridge overnight. Garnish with dill. This is a Russian salad, after all.