Ever Tuesday over on our Instagram account we have a #SadiesKitchenTakeover, where experts from the world of wellness and fitness help us fuel our passion for great food and a happy, healthier life.

They share any amount of advice and will answer any questions you have – and did we mention they love bone broth as much as we do? 

This week, we’re sharing the advice from Brian Keane, an online instructor who helps thousands each year with his online fitness programs. He works with high-performance GAA players and other athletes all over Ireland and is a world-class expert in the areas of fitness, stamina and endurance, having recently completed a gruelling 230 km run in the Arctic Circle.

Below are his simple tips if you’re trying to stay on top of your fitness regime each week.

Enjoy x

For a healthy, positive attitude to fitness, the right followers are key

I would always audit who you’re following on social media. If 80% of the accounts you’re following aren’t helping you become a stronger version of you because you’re consistently comparing yourself to them in a very negative way, always audit your followers.

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To get motivated, start today

To get back on track first thing today or tomorrow, it’s about just starting. If you’ve taken a long period off, the harder that first session will be, so get that one over and done with and build the momentum from there.

For help with intermittent fasting, use bone broth 

This is what I use Sadie’s bone broth for – it’s an absolute lifesaver. If you’re doing an extended period of fasting and struggling for extra energy levels or hunger, I couldn’t recommend it more.

“Sadie’s is a game-changer; it can be the difference between you breaking a fast and not.”

There are other ways to burn fat 

Getting into a calorie deficit is more effective for burning fat than cardio – eating fewer calories than your body needs.  So if your maintenance calories are 2000, you need to eat below that to reduce body fat.

Hectic lifestyle? You can still get into shape

Focus massively on nutrition; just reigning in your diet can help you get back in shape. Also realising you don’t need a lot of time to work out – three 20-minute sessions a week with a busy lifestyle is definitely enough to get you back in shape.

The best nutritional plan is the one which fits into your lifestyle and schedule, that includes foods you enjoy and is in alignment with your goals.

You can increase protein without meats or fats

It’s tricky because most proteins are nuts and seeds (which have fat) or meat or fish but you can use a protein supplement or branch into an amino acid drink.

Between fasts – sick to nutrient-dense foods

When it comes to eating between fasts, it depends on your goal but my general rule is stick to nutrient-dense foods – avoid highly processed foods and go for fruit, vegetables lean meats healthy fats.

To start training, you don’t always have to go big

You can get really good results from zero to one day a week but generally, three/four days tend to be plenty for people and it’s sustainable long term too.

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