Easter Eggs

Still in a chocolate coma after indulging over the Easter weekend? Fear not as Sadie’s Kitchen Bone Broth is here to help you revitalise, rejuvenate and revive your fabulous self before the summer months! An over consumption of sugar along side alcohol and many other notoriously delicious treats can leave our systems feeling sluggish, bloated and over all poorly.

Sugar consumption has been directly related to irregular and broken sleep patterns, bad skin and a slow metabolism while the effects of a dreaded alcohol hangover can linger right throughout the week. 

Here at Sadie’s Kitchen we know it is important to feel great on the inside to look great on the outside. This must start with catching up on all that lost sleep from a crazy weekend of activities and partying.

Sleeping Seal by jackman-chiu

It is recommended that we all get between 7-8 hours of sleep a night. Even short-term sleep disruption is associated with metabolic problems, insulin insensitivity, poor blood sugar control, increased body mass index (BMI), increased pain and inflammation levels.

Glycine is critically involved in regulating ethanol (alcohol) consumption. Elevating concentrations of glycine in the signaling junction between neurons has consistently been demonstrated to reduce alcohol intake.

Recent studies have shown that the amino acid glycine is directly related to an enhanced sleep pattern. Absorbing glycine from your diet will not only increase your sleep but will also benefit ones metabolic, digestive and nervous systems that are affected by sleep deprivation and a bad diet. Sadie’s Kitchen bone broth is salt-free, sugar-free and rich in proteins such as glycine and collagen to make you feel great on the inside and look glamorous on the outside!

So ditch the chocolate and start your week fresh with some nourishing bone broth that will boost your mind, body and soul!

Sadie’s x